Site 169

Phil Forward site.png

SITE 169
Price: Price on application
Contact:  Phil Forward

A once in a generational opportunity to purchase the rights to (arguably) the best site in Salamanca Market.

The very large site is situated at the crossroads entrance from the waterfront adjacent to HCC Information Booth and the private atm machines, directly under forecourt security camera and floodlight and next to the lawns across from the Market Table food area.

Brilliant access for unencumbered unloading and loading and high flexibility for layout.

For details of sale price etc please contact me on or better still approach me at the stall.

Please note that a site fee per market day is payable to the City of Hobart to be invoiced on a quarterly basis.

If the prospective buyer chooses to change the product line, they will need to have their product line pre-approved by Salamanca Market administration. Further information on becoming a Salamanca Market Stallholder and the applicable application form for pre-approval can be found here.