Lenah Game Meats


Tasmania is the only place in the world which produces wallaby products. Few things make greater environmental wisdom than us, in this land, producing our food and clothing from the animals and plants which belong here.

This is the fundamental ethical principal behind Lenah Game Meats' products.

For more than two decades Lenah Game Meats has been an innovative leader in the Tasmanian food industry. Having pioneered wallaby meat and popularised it in the restaurant trade over the past 10 years before taking it successfully to retail.

Lenah Game Meats has also developed a range of wallaby fur homeware and garments including their newly created Wugg boots.

The quality of the tan process in these fur skins is exceptional and they are totally unique to Tasmania. All raw materials are processed by Lenah Game Meats at its licence game meat processing facility in Launceston.

Their harvest is tightly regulated to ensure it is sustainable and humane.