Barber's Bees and Berries


Meg makes quality beeswax and honey products for you and your home. Every product is made with honey or beeswax from one of Meg's 24 beehives situated in the beautiful Midlands of Tasmania.

The body products include beeswax lip balm, body balm, beard balm, baby bottom balm and honey soaps. The home products comprise of food safe wood wax, leather conditioner and colourful beeswax wraps. Meg also makes stunning pure beeswax candles adding a luxurious ambiance to your home.

The ethos of Barber's Bees and Berries is "nothing wasted" so every product from Meg's hardworking bees is utilised in each of her carefully crafted products. She works sustainably and uses recyclable and reusable packaging for every product to minimise her environmental impact.