Becoming a stallholder


Licenced stallholders

A licenced stallholder is a business that has a stall at the market every week of the year and holds a licence agreement issued by the City of Hobart, the operator of the market. The licence defines the site number, location, period of tenure, agreed product lines, fees and general terms and conditions. These licences are renewed every five years.

How do I become a licenced stallholder?

Licences are generally transferred upon the private sale of the stallholder's site business. When you purchase a licence you also purchase the right to sell the product line that has been approved for that site. If you intend to sell a different product line it is necessary that you gain pre-approval for your products prior to purchasing a licence. This can be done through completing the product line pre-approval form

Current Salamanca Market stalls for sale.

What is a casual stallholder?

A casual stallholder is a business that can book a site at the market throughout the year. They are also registered with Salamanca Market.

The application process to become a casual stallholder occurs every two years and stallholders making products in Tasmania by hand are always highly valued. Sorry, we cannot take ad hoc stallholders.

How do I become a casual stallholder?

Salamanca Market calls for Expressions of Interest to be a casual stallholder every two years. Applications are then reviewed by a selection panel.

The casual stallholder site fee is 15% higher than the relevant site fee (GST and public liability insurance included) plus an additional fee if a table is required.

If you would like to receive an application kit for the next application round, please contact Salamanca Market by email on and provide your name, mailing address, email address and telephone number.

How do I sell my stall?

There is a prescribed process to undertake when selling your Salamanca Market stall. Allow six weeks for Salamanca Market to approve and issue all the required paperwork for the transfer of your sale.

You can understand more about the process here

You can list your business for sale on this site. Please contact