Becoming a stallholder


As Tasmania's premier outdoor market, Salamanca Market has built its reputation on the ethos of locally made and sourced, high quality and unique products - something for everyone.  Salamanca Market attracts a loyal local customer base and boasts a high visitation by overseas, interstate and regional visitors seeking a truly Tasmanian experience.

If you want to run a stall at Salamanca Market, there are two options:

  1. Licenced stallholder: a five-year licence to trade that can be renewed.
  2. Casual stallholder:  the application process to become a casual stallholder occurs every two years and if successful, a casual stallholder may trade, however, is not guaranteed a site every Saturday.

Please be aware that you will need to gain pre-approval for your products.

Licenced stallholders

A licenced stallholder is a business that has a stall at the market every week of the year and holds a licence agreement issued by the City of Hobart, the operator of the market. The licence defines the site number, location, period of tenure, agreed product lines, fees and general terms and conditions. These licences are offered for renewal every five years.

How do I become a licenced stallholder?

To become a Licenced Stallholder, you need to purchase a licence from an existing stallholder. The first thing you need to do is find a suitable market stall business for sale. Find current Salamanca Market stalls for sale here.

Once you have identified a suitable business for sale and held discussions with the stallholder, if you both wish to proceed, you must contact our office on 6238 2430 to discuss the transfer of the licence from the existing stallholder to you. Whilst some stallholders park their car onsite, the right to park a vehicle onsite remains at the discretion of the City, is not guaranteed and should be discussed with our office before proceeding with any purchase.

In order for the licence to be transferred, it is mandatory that you have your product line approved by us, regardless of whether it is the same product line as the existing business or whether it is a different product line. Our Stallholder Coordinator can provide you with helpful information about completing the product line pre-approval form. If your product line is approved the transfer process will commence and usually takes about four weeks. It is important to understand that when you purchase a market stall business, you do not own the site, but rather the licence to operate your business from the site.

Casual stallholders

A casual stallholder holds an agreement issued by the City of Hobart, the operator of the market and is able to book a site at the market throughout the year but is not necessarily guaranteed a site every week.

How do I become a casual stallholder?

The application process to become a casual stallholder occurs every two years and stallholders making products in Tasmania by hand are always highly valued. The application process to be a casual stallholder for the period between July 2019 and June 2021 has now closed.

The casual stallholder site fee is currently $88.76 per market day (GST, marketing levy and public liability insurance included) plus an additional fee if a table is required.

Creative Hobart Salamanca Market Stall 

The Creative Hobart Pop-Up program provides opportunities for artists and creative producers to showcase and share their creative talent.

Producers and creators of fashion, jewellery, handmade toys and craft, prints, photography, illustration and sculpture, as well as performing artists and arts organisations can apply for access to the Creative Hobart Salamanca Stall.

Click here for further info on the Creative Hobart Salamanca Market Stall

 Innovator program

The Innovator program has been created to provide an opportunity for new businesses to trial their product, service or experience in a real-world trading environment. Each successful applicant will receive the opportunity to trade at the market for up to four weeks with support from Salamanca Market and an Enterprise Centre. More information and an Expression of Interest (EOI) form is available here.