Pansy, Fern & April dolls and craft kits


Pansy, Fern & April make a fantastic variety of beautiful little dolls! There are lots of different storybook sets, fairies, mermaids, dollhouse people and dolls in little beds and boxes! They are handmade from pipe cleaners wrapped with yarn so they are pose-able and fun to play with.

They make the perfect gift for little loved ones (over the age of 3 years)! 

Jenny makes all of the dolls herself and began making them after learning the skill from her Mum. Lots of them have a hanger too so can be hung up as a decoration and on the tree at Christmas! At Christmas, they have lots of Santas, elves and angels, and at Easter, the Easter bunny.

Jenny , who was also a Home Ec teacher and project designer at "Inspirations" embroidery magazine , also has lots of unique craft kits.

You can choose a kit to make a little pipe cleaner ballerina or mermaid,or a felt Tasmanian animal or bird.