Duggan Brand Apples and Huon Valley Juice Co.


Enjoy truly organic Tasmanian apples including Gravenstein, Cox Orange Pippins and Lady in the Snow, grown and picked in the Huon Valley. Our apples and pears are organically grown and certified on a family orchard first established in the early 1950s. 

Each week we juice and produce beautifully-flavoured apple, apple and strawberry, and apple and blackcurrant juice, available frosty cool by the glass or take home in a bottle. There's no added sugar, colours or flavours - just fruit grown in our extensive orchards or from neighbouring berry producers.

Come and select your own organic apples or pears, seasonal berries and garlic or quench your thirst with a superbly flavoured juice.

Stall Site Number: 171
Facebook: @huonvalleyjuicecompany
Phone: 0417 148 779