Equality Tasmania Inc.

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The Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group (TGLRG) led the successful 1988-1997 campaign for gay law reform in Tasmania, as well as subsequent campaigns for state antidiscrimination and same-sex relationship laws.

The TGLRG changed its name to Equality Tasmania in 2018, on the 30th anniversary of the arrests of 130 supporters of gay law reform at Salamanca Market.

Equality Tasmania's ongoing activities include parliamentary lobbying, media liaison, community education and direct action. It has a commitment to visibility and community empowerment and continues to campaign for LGBTIQ law and policy reform in Tasmania and nation wide.

You can help to support the work of Equality Tasmania by purchasing a badge, greeting card, sticker, fridge magnet, tea towel, tote bag, rainbow flag or book, or by making a donation. They also have information available about other LGBTIQ groups and activities in Tasmania.

Site number: 140
Contact number: 0447 225 682
Email: equality.tasmania@gmail.com 
Facebook: @equalitytas