Provenance Growers

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Provenance Growers is a small-scale, sustainable, family-run market garden and edible plant nursery at Neika, in the foothills of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

A diverse range of heirloom and unusual crops for chefs, home cooks and gardeners is grown by Provenance Growers, and they make delicious preserves such as tomatillo salsa, tomato kasundi, jellies, jams, cordials and seasonings with their produce, using local organic vinegars, Tasmanian sea salt and organic ingredients.

Provenance Growers has a focus on sustainability - using minimal packaging and welcoming customers who bring their own containers and return jars for re-use. They grow without the use of any herbicides or pesticides, focusing instead on soil health and biodiversity to grow resilient, delicious and nutritious food.

Site number: Summer 204 / Winter 214
Facebook: @provenancegrowers
Instagram: @provenancegrowers