Buskers add to the lively atmosphere and are a much-loved feature of our market. 

Busking permits are currently not required for Salamanca Market but will be required in the future.

As many of the busking sites vary, any large or performative acts (more than 2 people) should contact our team to discuss suitability on 6238 2430

To book a site

Busking chalk boards are available outside each busking location on Saturday morning prior to the start of the market. Simply write your name on the time slots you require.

Busking time slots are limited to maximum 30 minutes in all locations. Buskers are not permitted to book consecutive time-slots and need to leave a time-slot between two performances.

A busker is expected to: 

  • be mindful of social distancing (especially in relation to crowding)
  • comply with any direction of a police officer, market supervisor, market crew and recognise that any decision of the market supervisor is final
  • only perform within the hours of 8.30 am to 3 pm and not play pre-recorded music when not performing
  • not obstruct or create a nuisance for any stallholder or member of the public, and not wear or display any advertising
  • be considerate of the market environment and not engage in overly loud or obscene behaviour or performance
  • only sell recordings of their own musical repertoire
  • keep in mind that the market is a family-friendly environment and performances should reflect this
  • phone the market supervisor on 0419 482 675 if any issues occur on a Saturday. 

Buskers are asked to be supportive of each other and be fair and reasonable.

Amplified busking:

There are 2 busking areas inside the market where limited amplified music is permitted, marked on the map below. These have busking boards with time slots that are filled by buskers every Saturday. To book a time slot for an amplified pitch, every Saturday at approximately 8:00am buskers informally meet in the food plaza area to draw time slots. 

Outside the Market, there is a busking pitch on Kennedy’s Lane where amplification is allowed (softly).

Please keep in mind that stallholders need to be able to hear and interact with their customers, so loud busking is not permitted. If the Market crew advise you to reduce your volume, you must comply or move on.

Acoustic busking

For acoustic buskers, go to Woobys lane or Silo’s end of market (in the market) - see map. If there are large empty stall spaces within the market, it is sometimes appropriate to busk in those spaces, but please check with neighbouring stallholders first.

We have both acoustic and amplified busking spaces. See map: