PJ Paintings


Why emus?  This is a question Patricia (Pj) Hopwood-Wade is often asked. When her workplace was being re-structured, morale was low and they needed something in the office to help cheer them up. Patricia painted an emu.

The feedback received from that first emu painting was extraordinary. As it didn't let up, she painted more emus doing emu things to help put smiles on faces.

Since then, Patricia's repertoire has expanded to include life like paintings of birds and animals, ink drawings and paintings of Tasmania's native animals, and most recently, venturing into whimsical scenes, urban sketching and illustrated maps.

Prints, greeting cards and original paintings are available for purchase. Each print is a limited edition, photographed and printed in Tasmania, signed and numbered by the artist. Each print is reproduced on textured William Turner 310 gsm 100% cotton paper with archival fade-free inks (guaranteed for over 60 years).

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