Frequently Asked Questions


We want your visit to Salamanca Market to be enjoyable and memorable for all of the right reasons.
Read on to see some helpful information and answers to some of the most popular questions.

When is the market on?

Salamanca Market is held every Saturday from 8.30 am to 3 pm.

The only time the market will not be held on a Saturday is when it falls on Christmas or Anzac Day.


How many stalls are there?

Every Saturday you will find around 300 stalls.


How long should I allow for my visit?

We recommend allowing at least three hours to walk around the entire market and soak up the atmosphere. This will allow you time to meander at your own pace, grab some breakfast or lunch and relax on the lawns.


When is the best time to visit?

The market is open from 8.30 am to 3 pm. Most stalls are set up by 8 am in the morning and it can be very pleasant coming early in the morning and enjoying a coffee before it gets busy. The most popular times are from 11 - 1 pm and then it can get less busy from 2 pm onwards. 


Where is Salamanca Market located?

Salamanca Market is located on Salamanca Place, close to Hobart's historic waterfront.  The market runs the full length of Salamanca Place, from the top of Davey Street to the silos end of the market.


What is the history of Salamanca Place?

This gracious tree-lined avenue dates to Hobart’s earliest days as a far flung British settlement. Named for the area in Spain where a famous battle was waged between the English and the French in 1812, the gracious Georgian buildings lining Salamanca Place were originally used for warehousing whale oil, grain, timber and imported goods. Today it is home to bars, cafes, galleries and a vibrant arts centre.


If it's raining will the market still go ahead?

Salamanca Market operates every Saturday, rain, shine or hail. Even if it is raining heavily the market still goes ahead. It's often a lovely experience in the rain and our stallholders are always happy to see you. There is also always plenty of delicious hot street food to select from which always makes a rainy day delightful.

The only time the market is ever closed is in extreme weather conditions - so gale force winds or conditions that are unsafe to be out in. If the market is cancelled for any reason, an alert will be published on this website and on the Salamanca Market Facebook page.


Can I smoke at Salamanca Market?

The market area is a designated smoke-free area and smoking is not permitted.


Can I bring my dog to the market?

Yes and no. Salamanca Market has a strict no dogs policy and dogs are not allowed within the market due to safety reasons. 

However, the RSPCA provides a puppy parking service at the market each Saturday. We encourage you to bring your dog for a walk and leave your dog with the puppy parking team. This way your dog gets to enjoy an outing, can enjoy toys and treats, while you enjoy your day at the market.  

Guide dogs and assistance animals are welcome inside the market at any time.


Should I bring a bag to the market?

Salamanca Market does not supply plastic bags so we recommend that you bring your own bag to the market for all of the goodies that you will find. You will find that many of our stallholders sell printed calico bags and we also have a Salamanca Market branded jute bag which is available to purchase from the Information Booth.


I've lost something at the market. Who do I contact?

If you lose something at the market there is a good chance that it may be handed in to a market crew member on market day. Please contact Market Supervisor by calling 0419 482 675. Alternatively email or visit the Tasmania Police lost property unit located at 43 Liverpool Street Hobart, phone 6173 2277.


Can you help me find a lost child?

The market is a busy place and it can be easy to lose people in the crowd. If your friend, family member or child is lost or you have identified a lost child please contact the Market Supervisor on 0419 482 675.


What do I do if I need first aid at the market?

If you require first aid please approach a market crew member or contact the Market Supervisor by calling 0419 482 675.  If it is an emergency call triple 0. The market has a dedicated ambulance crew onsite during the day who will also be more than happy to help you.


Where are the toilets?

There are several locations for toilets in the buildings around the market. For the location of toilets, please refer to the market map, look for directional signs or ask a crew member for directions. All toilets are accessible and there are toilets in Salamanca Square and the Salamanca Arts Centre that have baby-change facilities.


Is there an accessible car park and toilet?

An accessible parking drop off / pick up point is located close to the market on Castray Esplanade. An MLAK key to unlock the Salamanca Place accessible toilets is available from the Market Supervisor by calling 0419 482 675.


Where can I get some money out?

Although most of our stallholders have credit card facilities, there are some that are cash only. If you are visiting the market it does help to have some cash on you before you visit. There is a mobile ATM located in the middle of the market near the Salamanca Market Information Booth. There are also a number of other ATMs located close to the market.  For the location of ATMs, please refer to the market map or ask a crew member for locations.


Do you offer refunds?

Our market stallholders aim to deliver you quality and value, however, there may be times when you need to return a purchase.  If you are not happy with your purchase, you will need to contact the stallholder directly. Salamanca Market administration takes no responsibility for the quality of products sold at the market nor the returns policies of stallholders.  More information about consumer rights in Tasmania is available from the Tasmanian Government.


Do I need a film permit?

If you are taking photographs or video for personal use then you are welcome to take as many photos of your visit as you like. 

However, if you are a professional film crew and intend to film or take professional photographs for commercial or tourism purposes within the market precinct, the City of Hobart requires you to first obtain a permit. You can find out more at the City of Hobart's web page for filming permits. Film crews are encouraged to contact the Salamanca Market team so we can help you locate products of stallholders, advise on the best times of day to film and offer advice on the number of crew to have inside the market at any one time.


Do you have wheelchairs available to hire?

If you are feeling tired or need assistance, wheelchairs are available from from the Salamanca Market Information Booth for anyone that requires one. They are available from 8.30 am and must be returned prior to 2.30 pm on Saturdays. These are manual wheelchairs and they are not able to be self-propelled.


What do the market volunteers do?

Each Saturday a dedicated crew of volunteers can be found at the market. Our volunteers will welcome people and offer helpful advice to get you around the market and help you find what you need. They can also assist with information about Hobart and surrounds and with travel ideas and suggestions. You can find them at the Information Booth or roving the market.


My car was towed. Where can I find it?

A road closure is in place in the area around Salamanca Market on Saturday's. It is an offence to leave a vehicle parked on Salamanca Place or in the Tasman Fountain car park on Saturdays between 5.30am and 6.00pm. Cars left in the market area are issued with an infringement notice and will be towed to an area adjacent to the market. 

If you need help to find a vehicle that has been towed please call the market supervisor on 0419 482 675.