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Building a greener market

Salamanca Market is working hard to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This is no small challenge as the market is the most visited tourist attraction in Tasmania, attracting up to one million visitors annually resulting in more than a tonne of waste in the bins around the market each Saturday.

Our commitment not only extends to becoming a leader in responsible tourism, but also to preserving our island state, our clean air and our clean waters.

Organic waste bins

Salamanca Market has a new organics waste stream. This results in more than 24 tonnes of compost (around half of the weekly waste generated through the market) diverted away from Hobart’s landfill every year. Compostable waste bins, sporting a green lid and signage are collecting food scraps, coffee cups (including lids), cutlery, straws and hot food takeaway containers.

Compostable waste is taken to the McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre (the tip) at South Hobart. It takes around three months to break down to become Certified Organic Compost and the City sells this as quality garden compost to the general public. The compost is also used extensively in our city parks and gardens.

Recycling bins

Recycling bins have been used for many years at the market and the market already diverts more than 20 tonnes of recycling each year through our yellow recycling bins. 

Cardboard bins for stallholders

Stallholders can now place all cardboard boxes in our designated large collection bins.

No plastic bags

Salamanca Market is a plastic bag free market.

Take away food

All of our food stallholders are required to use Certified Compostable Packaging which are compostable and environmentally friendly. This includes coffee cups, straws and food containers which can all be placed in the green waste bins at the market.

How can you help

  • You can bring you own bag or basket
  • Place your waste in the right bin.

You can learn more about compost and how you can start composting at home at the City of Hobart's Compost information page.