Discover the essence of exceptional design, sustainability, and enduring style that sets these products apart and experience the joy of owning Outware gear.

They are passionate about providing you with outstanding products. Their collection of heavy duty canvas bags, duffles, totes, satchels and adventure gear is designed and handcrafted in Tasmania. For those who crave the outdoor life, Outware have a selection of purpose built bags made to withstand the rigours of kayaking, travel, camping and bike riding.

Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Southern Tasmania’s wild mountains and oceans, their designs capture the essence of where we live. They pay fastidious attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch is made with care and precision.

Outware's philosophy is simple yet impactful: buy well, buy once. By investing in these products, you not only reduce landfill waste but also optimise the use of precious resources and minimise energy consumption. All great for our planet.

Outware - Built to Last!