Federation Chocolate

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Federation Artisan Chocolate has been an iconic Tasmanian chocolate brand for more than 30 years. When Maurice and Helen Curtis bought the business in 2014, they decided they wanted to become more involved in the chocolate-making process, from growing the cacao beans through to making their bars.

The team at Federation Artisan Chocolate is committed to ensuring its products use ingredients which are grown and made in a sustainable and ethical manner. This means carefully following the supply chain of each ingredient - getting to know where each type of cacao is grown, that they have sustainable practices and that they are ethical and fair employers.

No palm oil (vegetable fat) is used in any of our milk or dark chocolate.  As well as being Tasmania's only chocolate maker, we are one of a dozen chocolate makers in the world that use Australian grown cacao beans.

We hand-craft our product flavour by sourcing beans from different regions and microclimates. This translates into different levels of cacao and fat in the bean, which emerges in the flavour of the chocolate liquor. By managing the aging for the liquor, we can create wonderful and unique flavours.

You will find gluten free, vegan friendly and no added sugar varieties of chocolate, along with your favourites.

Stall Site Number: 106
Phone: 6250 3435
Email: sales@federationchocolate.com.au
Website: federationchocolate.com.au
Facebook: @federationchocolate
Instagram: @federation_chocolate