Greenman Garden Art


The artist behind Green Man Garden Art is Ian Picken.

Ian was born and raised in Scotland and at the age of 12, he spent a few days on the Isle of Iona. The memory of some of the enormous Celtic Crosses has always been with Ian. 45 years later he started making miniature Celtic Crosses to display at the Salamanca Market.

Each piece is hand cast from a mould lifted from an original piece and hand decorated in a variety of finishes. To add to the ambience of the piece most are mounted and/or framed using aged wooden weatherboards reclaimed from an old 1948 barn in Tasmania's Highlands.

Also on display are traditional and contemporary versions of the Green Man and Green Woman face, an ancient symbol of Nature. Two of the contemporary designs feature the leaves of the Tasmanian Blue Gum and Tasmanian Iron Bark tree. Some of the designs are of a more whimsical nature. 

Also on display are some examples of 'Pebble Art' – abstract impressions of scenes created using pebbles collected from coastal and inland beaches.

Casual Stallholder
Phone: 0429 991 196
Facebook: @greenmangardenart