Milie Organics


Milie Organics is a Tasmanian artisan soap house nestled in the pure, natural countryside of Tasmania. They access premium raw ingredients that have been grown and extracted for use with great care in optimal cold climate conditions.

Synthetic ingredients and inferior, cheaper oils are unnecessary alternatives when quality Tasmanian extra virgin olive oil is available. This special base oil is combined with the best of other Tasmanian raw materials like fresh goat and dairy yoghurts, wild crafted honey, native pepper berries, Wellington Spring water and Coal River Valley walnut shells. You won't find palm oil, pre-made bases, SLS, sulphates or phosphates in these products and animal testing is definitely out.

The product range includes 20 different types of bastille Tasmanian olive oil soaps, Tasmanian olive oil body and foot lotions, rich hand cream, Tasmanian olive oil liquid soaps, shower gels and hair conditioner, luxurious olive oil lip balms, olive oil soap scrubs, facial products including an award winning facial cleanser, and gifts that will suit any particular person.

You will also find bottled Tasmanian olive grove extra virgin olive oil made from olives grown in Campania, near Hobart. This is the oil used to make the soap and skin care range.

Stall site number: Summer 212
Phone: 0437 484 311
Facebook: @milieorganics
Instagram: #milieorganics