Casual stallholder bookings


This page is for approved casual stallholders only (those with a current casual stallholder licence). 

There are 3 options for casual stallholders to book a site at Salamanca Market.

Booking Option 1. Monthly bookings, made in advance

This option is for casual stallholders who want to trade on specific dates confirmed in advance. To apply, complete the monthly booking forms below, selecting preferred trading dates for the month ahead.

It is important the submissions are completed prior to the due date.

After applying, you will receive a monthly trading schedule confirming site allocations and trading dates for the month ahead. The monthly trading schedule is emailed to all casual stallholders at the end of each month. 

An invoice will follow shortly after. Once invoices have been issued, refunds are not provided if circumstances change. Therefore, it is important that you check all trading schedules carefully and advise our team if any changes are required as soon as possible.

Monthly Booking forms:

Monthly Booking Form for July 2024 - The monthly booking form for July is available here until 9am, 3 July 2024. Stallholders who do not wish to pre-book their trading can apply via the waitlist as explained below in Booking Option 2.

Monthly Booking Form for August 2024 - is available here until 9am, 20 July 2024 

Monthly Booking Form for September 2024 - will be available from 1 August until 9am, 20 August 2024.

Booking Option 2. Apply via the weekly waitlist

Any casual stallholder not scheduled to trade the coming Saturday can choose to trade via the 'waitlist' every week. To do so, complete this waitlist booking form before 8am on the Thursday prior to the Saturday trading date (2 days prior). The waitlist booking form is available every Saturday to every Thursday 8am to book for the upcoming Saturday. 

Waitlist sites are confirmed every Thursday morning and waitlist stallholders will be notified of their site allocation via email.  

Market crew collect site fee payments from waitlist stallholders during the market and payment is by card only. 

Booking option 3. Very last-minute booking:

Casual stallholders may call the Market Supervisor on Saturday mornings after 7am to see if any casual sites are available on the day, on 0419 482 675.


Trading, site availability, non-attendance or cancelling a site once confirmed

If casual stallholders book a site but their circumstances change, they must notify Salamanca Market administration of the planned non-attendance as a courtesy so that the site can be reallocated.

Casual stallholders are required to trade at least once per month to retain their casual stallholder agreement unless they hold a seasonal casual stallholder agreement or communicate any changed circumstances or inability to trade directly with the Salamanca Market Administration team.

Casual stallholders are allocated sites subject to availability and there is no guarantee of a site for all preferred trading dates, although the team try their best. During busy trading times when there is more demand than sites available, available sites will be rotated amongst casual stallholders to ensure fairness.


Casual fees 

For details on fees relevant to casual stallholders, see 2024-25 Fees and Charges booklet - page 37

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