Rare and Beautiful

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Rare and Beautiful is a Tasmanian family run business that designs and manufactures a range of contemporary jewellery lines.  

Melissa and Christo are trained gemmologists, jewellers and gem cutters and create jewellery from rare and beautiful materials they either find or source on their travels including the little known Killiecrankie diamonds, sapphires, turquoise, black spinel, fossil man fern and wood, meteorite glass, jade, agate and jasper.  They also incorporate Australian gemstones in their designs including opal, turquoise, diamonds and emeralds and stones sourced from overseas such as Burmese jade, amber, spinel and sapphire.

Rare and Beautiful manufactures a range of Tasmanian sea shells cast in silver and a range of contemporary copper, silver and brass designs and sells minerals, fossils and cut gem stones.

Stall site number: 180
Email: info@rareandbeautiful.com.au
Website: www.rareandbeautiful.com.au
Facebook: @therareandbeautiful 
Instagram: #therareandbeautiful