A Moment of Tea


A Moment of Tea offers a curated selection of Tasmanian local teas and specialty blends at their stall at Salamanca Market. Their products include a variety of loose leaf teas, such as jasmine green tea, Tasmanian breakfast, special lavender blends, and more.

All teas are carefully selected and sourced from local Tasmanian farms and renowned tea regions in China, ensuring high quality and unique flavors. Tasmania, being the southernmost tea-growing region in the world, produces distinctive green teas and early harvest teas despite its cold climate. Their unique Pinot Black Tea, blended with dried Pinot Noir grapes, is a standout.

A Moment of Tea's journey began with founder Joanne's passion for sharing the authentic taste and health benefits of premium teas. Their tea bar, located at the Salamanca Arts Center, offers an extensive range of teas, teawares, and tea workshops.


A Moment of Tea shopfront is located at Woobys Lane, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart.