Puppy parking

What is puppy parking?

Puppy parking allows you to leave your dog in the care of an RSPCA Tasmania staff member between 9 am and 2.30 pm on a Saturday market day for a small charge of $5. The program caters for up to 10 dogs at any one time, for a maximum time of two hours per dog. Dogs are given a mat and water bowl and are supervised in return for a donation that goes directly to RSPCA Tasmania. Dogs can only be booked in prior to 1 pm.

The process is as follows:

Visit the RSPCA Tasmania tent with your dog, complete the form with your contact details, show your identification, make your payment and:

  • your dog will be tethered securely, with a mat and water bowl 
  • you can then enjoy the market for up to two hours while your dog is being supervised
  • the RSPCA staff member will ring you if you don't return to collect your dog by the designated time
  • you will need to show your identification to collect your dog.

The service only accepts a limited amount of dogs at any time and if the dog minding area is full, patrons will be asked to come back later in the day.

Important information:

  • dogs must have a suitable collar or harness and be registered
  • Salamanca Market and RSPCA Tasmania will endeavour to take all care with your dog but will accept no liability
  • RSPCA Tasmania has the right to refuse any dog, and will not mind any dog that is disruptive or unwell
  • dogs can only be booked in prior to 1 pm
  • all dogs must be collected prior to 2.30 pm as the dog minding service will finish and the area will be packed up
  • dogs that are not collected after 2.30 pm will be impounded and fees will apply

Where is puppy parking located

Puppy Parking is located within the Parliament Lawn area and the RSPCA service can easily be spotted if you walk your dog along the lawns. The RSPCA marquee is located just outside this spot in the Market Garden area.

Can I take my dog into the market?

Dogs are not allowed within the market due to safety reasons unless accessing puppy parking. We encourage you to bring your dog for a walk and use our supervised puppy parking service. This way your dog gets to enjoy an outing while you enjoy the market.  Guide dogs and assistance animals are welcome inside the market at any time.


If you'd like to provide feedback about puppy parking, you can contact us here: Contact us