Nicky River Uggs

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Ugg boots and slippers hand made in the Huon Valley, Tasmania.

Tasmanian family owned and operated business and the first and only manufacturers of Ugg boots and slippers in Tasmania.

Christine and Brett Kinnear are a husband and wife team, and they hand-make all the Nicky River brand Ugg boots, slippers and sheepskin and leather accessories and gifts in their rural workshop in the Huon Valley.

The workshop was set up on their rural property in June 2019 where they began making their first baby Ugg boots. The business has grown and they now make a full range of Ugg boots and slippers. Their Uggs are comfy, warm and luxurious.

Making all sizes from baby to adult, they cater to many tastes with a range of men's and women's slippers, unisex boots, baby boots and kid's Ugg boots. They also make sheepskin innersoles, Cossack hats, colourful hot water bottle covers, stubbie holders, seatbelt covers and sheepskin and leather cushion covers.


Stall site number: 206
Phone: 0419 858 233
Facebook: @NickyRiverUggs