Current stallholders


Information for current casual and licensed stallholders

Stallholder website listing

The market team is currently updating all stallholder website listings and this is an important way you can promote your business for free. Create or update your stall listing on the Salamanca Market website by completing the stallholder profile for website form.

Marketing for stallholders - get involved!

We are committed to promoting market stallholders and their stories. If you would like to be featured on Salamanca Market's social media, please email the office at and provide some photos and some information about you/your products. 

Adding or changing products

If you would like to sell products at the market that are different from your original approved product line (whether it be one item or all products), please complete one of the following:
Food- Request for change of product line - if selling takeaway food and would like to add or change a menu item
Request for change of product line - for all other products


A copy of the Salamanca Market Stallholders Liability policy is available upon request.

Read the latest stallholder newsletters

Click on the below links to read the latest stallholder newsletters. If you are not receiving these by email, please contact us.



Information for current licensed stallholders

Licensed stallholder absences

Licensed stallholders should notify Salamanca Market administration of all absences, even if notification is provided at the last minute.

Licensed stallholders are able to take a limited number of 'approved' absences per calendar year, for which a credit may be issued for site fees. To notify us of any absences, please complete this form: Salamanca Market Absence Notification Form. 

Last minute absence notifications on a market day should be made via text message to the Market Supervisor on 0419 482 675.

Change of electives fee

Please note that a fee of $39.00 applies to stallholders for any changes to table hire, use of electricity or invoice frequency.

Transfer of site

There is a prescribed process to undertake when selling your Salamanca Market site and the Stallholder Coordinator will assist you through the process.

If you are selling your site, you will need to transfer your site's licence. Use this form Transfer of Licence to start the transfer process. The first section of the form is for the current licensee, you then need to email the same form to the purchaser.  Allow around two weeks for Salamanca Market administration to approve and issue all the required paperwork for the transfer of your site.

Advertise your business for sale

You can advertise the sale of your current Salamanca Market site on this website by using the sale of Salamanca Market business form.