Site 142


Salamanca Market Site For Sale

SITE 142
Price: $20,000 ONO
Contact:  0417-597-539 or

This is a unique opportunity to buy into a weekly 1/2 site (2.4 metre x 3 metre) as a joint stallholder. This site allows you to trade weekly not like other 1/2 sites which trade every fortnight.

It is in a prime spot in the Market (middle Isle near Irish Murphy's). A physical half site means you will enter in to a joint agreement with another stallholder and only need to pay half site fee/day of market, which is payable to the City of Hobart and invoiced on a quarterly basis. This is a great opportunity for emerging artist to expand their business in a rewarding market. I have been in the market for the past 23 successful years.

If the prospective buyer chooses to change the product line, they will need to have their product line pre-approved by Salamanca Market administration. Further information on becoming a Salamanca Market Stallholder and the applicable application form for pre-approval can be found here.