Hartshorn Distillery


Hartshorn Distillery is a Tasmanian micro distillery making award winning boutique batches of vodka from sheep whey.

Head distiller Ryan and his family run Grandvewe Cheeses at Birchs Bay located in Tasmania’s south. When making cheese, the whey is often discarded so Ryan investigated how to turn the complex sugars held within the whey protein to convert them into a basic sugars to then ferment into alcohol and eventually distil. The resulting distillate has a delicately sweet bouquet and extremely smooth finish, thanks to the dairy influence and traditional aging methods.

Hartshorn Distillery is the first in the world to create this unique product and proud to be the smallest distillery in Australia making small 10 bottle batches using a 50L glass column still. All Hartshorn spirits are unfiltered meaning you can enjoy a spirit with more character and complexity and each bottle label is hand painted.

Award Winning Vodka

Hartshorn Distillery had its sheep whey vodka named the best vodka in the world at the 2018 World Vodka Awards. You can find information about the 2018 World Vodka Awards here

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Phone: 03 6267 4099
Email: info@hartshorndistillery.com.au
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