These Tasmania's own artisans, designers and producers will be at the market this week (subject to change).

If you need help locating a specific stallholder on the day, please ask a crew member or one of our 'safety angels'.

Stallholder Category Description
7K Distillery Beverages and alcohol Craft spirits and gins
A Sock or Two Clothing Clothing and accessories
Abels Bay Art Arts and crafts Musical memorabilia and art
Accent Rings Jewellery Handmade jewellery from Australian and international coins
AJC Originals Knitting, felting and woollen products Crochet-designer planters and baskets made from jute cotton cord and 100% recycled t-shirt yarn
Alpaca South Clothing Tasmanian alpaca yarns and throws
Alumination Signs Tasmania Packaged foods Chilli sauces, condiments and aluminium signs
Amanda's Bric-A-Brac Antiques and collectables Antiques and ornaments
Artesia Pewter Giftware Handmade pewter products inspired by Australian flora and fauna
Australian Art Glass Glasswork Hand-blown glass
Berta's Crepe Haus Food ready to eat Sweet and savoury crepes
BluePlanet Vintage and secondhand clothing Quality secondhand vintage clothing
Bottomline and Sideline timber Timber and clothing Tasmanian handmade underwear and timber products
Bronze Australia Arts and crafts Handmade gifts, featuring pure bronze and silver
Cantina Latina Takeaway food Chilean empanadas freshly made onsite served with their famous chilli and garlic sauce
Charles Reuben Estate Beverages and alcohol Boutique producer of fine wines and specialty spirits in the Coal River Valley
Cheeky Devil Coffee Roasters Coffee roaster Tasmanian roasted coffee
Cockatool Multi-Tools Other Fashion jewellery, toys and multi-function tools
Confectionery Confectionary A large variety of sweet treats, including the Tasmanian-shaped freckle
Cygnet Woodfired Bakehouse Takeaway Food Woodfired breads and danish pastries
Dick + Dora Jewellery and homewares Jewellery, decorations and homewares made from sustainable Tasmanian timbers, acrylics and enamel
Duggan Brand Apples/ Huon Valley Juice Company Fresh produce Seasonal fruit and juices, all locally produced
Edwoods Accessories Timber bow ties and accessories
Elisa Maker Woodwork Handcrafted wood items for the home and wooden jewellery
Equality Tasmania Inc. Other The Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group (TGLRG) campaign for state anti-discrimination and same-sex relationship laws
Far A Head Hats and accessories Large range of hats
Fine Choices Jewellery Jewellery Jewellery, rocks, crystals and leathergoods
Fork & Spoon Jewellery Jewellery Silver spoon and fork chimes
Fudge A'Fare Confectionery Handmade chocolates and fudge
Hartzview Vineyard Beverages and alcohol Wines, fortified fruit ports, liqueurs and spiced apple liqueur mead
Hellfire Bluff Distillery Beverages and alcohol Handmade vodka crafted from farm-grown potatoes
Henry Pumpworth Giftware and homewares Antiques and collectables
Henry Van Der Staay Plants Potted trees, shrubs and plants, fresh flowers and ceramic pots
Herbae Thylacini Health and beauty Handmade natural skincare, featuring all natural ingredients
Hobart Belts Leatherwork and accessories Tasmanian handmade leather belts
Hobart Imaging Photography Replica wooden boats and maritime-themed photographic ephemera, such as postcards, posters, cards and prints
Hobart Town Fine Beverages Beverages and alcohol Beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages
House of Fudge Confectionery Handcrafted fudge
Hue Yang Fruit and vegetables An assortment of fresh, locally-grown herbs, fruit and vegetables
Island Moon Pewter Designs Handicrafts Handmade pewter figurines and chess board pieces
Joanna's Jams Packaged foods Small batch jams using Tasmanian fruits, just like grandma made
Jodie Goggins Craft and clothing Handknitted accessories and handmade bags and hats
John the baptist artworks Artwork and photography Paintings and drawings
Just Pretty Accessories Clothing, bags and accessories
Kevin the Bowl Maker Woodwork Handmade unique Tasmanian timber bowls
K'Kaisaran Clothing New and secondhand clothing and homewares
Knew Clothing Co & Och Aye Gifts, miscellany and clothing Irish highland-themed products
Koonya Organics Fresh produce and packaged goods A variety of Tasmanian-grown garlic, including the sought after black garlic, all chemical and spray free
Leslie Vale Nursery Plants and giftware Tasmanian andAustralian native plants, selected exotics, garden art and gifts for gardeners
Let's Be Frank Gifts and miscellany Inspiring gift cards and coasters
Lia Xiong Fruit and vegetables An assortment of fresh, locally-grown herbs, fruit and vegetables
Little Armoire Leathergoods Leather products, including the MAKA leather knife roll
Living Edge Tasmanian Timber Woodwork Handmade Tasmanian timber products
Lunaris Gemstones Gifts and miscellany Jurassic plant fossils, rare Tasmanian minerals and gems, crystals and handmade jewellery
Lynda Salmon Jewellery Jewellery Handcrafted sterling silver jewellery
Madras Kitchen Takeaway food Authentic Indian cuisine made using locally-sourced ingredients and fresh produce
Manning Polymer Clay Jewellery Unique handmade jewellery
Maree Longman Antiques and collectables Antiques and bric-a-brac
Meg's Fashion at Salamanca Gifts, accessories and miscellany Seasonal range of ladies clothing and accessories, specialising in larger sizes
Milie Organics Health and beauty Artisan soap and natural skin care
Mineralia Tasmanica Arts and crafts A variety of mineral specimens, fossils and gemstones
Mojo Second Hand Clothing Vintage clothing Secondhand clothing
Nitchi Design Timber Frames Woodwork and frames Tasmanian timber frames, photo albums and laser cut timber products
North Huon Apiary Honey Local Tasmanian honey
Olive & Ash Health and beauty Quality skin care products and soaps, featuring all natural products
Oriental Hutt Takeaway food Asian noodles, satay and takeaway food
Original Kazuri Jewellery Handmade jewellery and jewellery cleaner
Original Oven Baked Potatoes Takeaway food Crispy Tasmanian potatoes with a choice of toppings
Out the Back Woodwork Tasmanian timber woodwork
P Chen Trading Co. Woollen products Clothing and sheepskin products
Pansy, Fern & April Dolls Toys, puzzles and games Tiny handmade dolls and DYI kits
Paul Fleming Photography and books Paul Fleming is a Tasmanian-born photographer and writer
Pocket Curries Takeaway food Hot takeaway curries
Provenance Growers Fruit and vegetables Organic seasonal fresh produce, plants, seeds and preserves
Rapid Eye Books Books Eclectic range of quality secondhand books
Rare & Beautiful Jewellery Handmade Tasmanian jewellery, featuring rare gems, fossils and Tasmanian Killiecrankie diamonds
Richmond Botanicals Health and beauty Handcrafted candles, massage oils and pamper products
Sacred Earth Arts Clothing Men's and woman's clothing
Salamanca Cream Coffee donuts Delicious coffee, natural ice-cream and handmade doughnuts filled with chocolate, custard or jam
Salamanca Fruit Leathers Packaged foods Handmade all-natural fruit leathers
Salamanca Juice Beverages Freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices
Sallee Warner Ceramics Ceramics Handmade ceramics
Sally East Jewellery & Cas Charles Jewellery and clothing Jewellery, trinkets, scarves and woollen products
Sashiko Design Arts and craft Handmade bags made with vintage kimono, cotton and leather with sashiko stitching
Sea Urchin Designs Clothing Fashion, jewellery and homewares designed and made in Tasmania
Simone & Co Design Pottery and ceramics Up-cycled accessories, antiques, collectables and original art work
Spice Lotus Takeaway food Vegan malaysian dishes
Stand By Me Espresso Coffee Handmade treats and locally-roasted coffee from small batch roasters around Tasmania
Sunshine Designs Clothing Handmade children's clothing
Sweet-As Confectionery Handmade rock candy
Tasmanian Chilli Beer Beverages and alcohol A small Tasmanian-owned micro-brewery that handcrafts all natural non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks
Tasmanian Lavender Gifts Gifts and miscellany Lavender prodcuts and gifts, including Bobbie the Bear
Tasmanian Small Fruits Coffee and pastries Coffee, tea, baked treats and seasonal fruit desserts
Tasmanian Specialty Timbers Woodwork Tasmanian handcrafted timber products
Tasmanian Tonic Company Beverages and alcohol Handmade small batches of tonic syrupsmade usingTasmanian ingredients
The Bakery @ Huntingfield Baked goods Handmade baked goods
The Craft Shed Gifts and miscellany Accessories for home craft projects
The Hobart Bead Co. Jewellery Beads, jewellery and accessories
The Honey Pot Honey Tasmanian local honey
Tiger Ina Papera Unique Woodcraft Woodwork Handmade Tasmanian timber bowls and platters
Touchwood Farm Health and beauty Handmade dairy goat milk soaps
Vietfinn Silk Accessories Handmade clothing
Vintage Prints Gifts and miscellany Eclectic vintage prints
Walter + Roslyn Rupenovic Antiques and collectables Antiques and collectables
Water Colour Painting Artworks Watercolour paintings
Wood on Salamanca Woodwork Woodcraft and designer-made glass craft
Yer Xiong Fruit and vegetables An assortment of fresh, locally-grown herbs, fruit and vegetables
Zong Xiong Fruit and vegetables An assortment of fresh, locally-grown herbs, fruit and vegetables