Speakers' Corner terms and conditions

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The following terms and conditions apply to the occupation of Salamanca Market Speakers’ Corner:

  1. Salamanca Market speakers’ corner is located on the Gladstone Street footpath adjacent to the Parliament Lawns and is situated within the designated market area.
  2. Salamanca Market speakers’ corner will be identifiable by a sign at the location of the site, positioned by the Market Supervisor on the day of the booking.
  3. The use of the Salamanca Market speakers’ corner is only permitted on Market Days, as defined in the Salamanca Market By-law 2010, between the hours of 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and must be booked in advance.
  4. A booking for Salamanca Market speakers’ corner must be made using the online form or via email to salamancamarket@hobartcity.com.au no later than 72 hours in advance of the requested date.
  5. A booking must not exceed a time period of more than one (1) hours on any Market Day. There are three allocated time slots (i) commencing at 8.30 am and (ii) commencing at 10.00 am and (iii) commencing at 11.30 am.
  6. A speaker may be an individual or a not-for-profit organisation.
  7. An individual may book Salamanca Market speakers’ corner.  In this instance, the speaker is limited to one (1) person and this person is fully responsible for set-up and pack-down and all activity on site.
  8. Only one organisation may use Salamanca Market speakers’ corner at any one time.  One organisation must not be represented by more than three (3) persons on site. Where there are up to 3 persons on site, it is required that these persons are fully responsible for set-up and pack-down and all activity on site. 
  9. In any matter arising on a Market Day the decision of the Market Supervisor stands. Decisions are taken at his/her absolute discretion and for the purpose of safety. Any directive given by the Market Supervisor must be followed by the speaker.
  10. The Market Supervisor reserves the right to temporarily close the Salamanca Market speakers’ corner from bookings if large infrastructure (such as temporary toilets) and other organised major events require or impede upon the general area.
  11. A speaker may display pamphlets and reading material for collection by members of the public.
  12. In the case of an organisation, an explanatory sign indicating who the speaker is, who the speaker represents or where the speaker is from must be displayed.
  13. Pamphlets and reading materials are not to be distributed by hand and must be weighted or secured to prevent littering on windy days.
  14. A speaker must ensure that the subject material of their presentation does not breach any law and in particular does not amount to discrimination or prohibited conduct as defined in the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (please refer to ‘Understanding Discrimination & Prohibited Conduct under the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act 1998’ brochure).
  15. A speaker must ensure that the manner in which they present their material and their behaviour or actions are not offensive in nature or capable of inciting hatred, serious contempt or severe ridicule under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998.
  16. Any form of sound amplification or electrically amplified instruments is not permitted.
  17. A speaker may use a stand/device to elevate themselves when speaking. The height of the stand/device is not permitted to exceed 1 meter form the surface beneath (refer below).
    Clause of Volume 2 of the Building Code of Australia provides, as far as relevant, that a continuous balustrade or other barrier must be provided along the side of (as far as relevant) any ramp, balcony, deck or the like of:
    (i) It’s not bounded by a wall; and
    (ii) Its level above the surface beneath is more than 1m.

    (iii) Provided the platform or like is less than 1m in height a balustrade or barrier would not be required.

  18. Large structures such as tents and marquees are not permitted.
  19. The display or wearing of any commercial advertising matter is not permitted. This includes any signboards, decorations or other signs advertising a commercial activity.
  20. The solicitation or collection of donations or subscriptions is not permitted. This includes offering anything for sale.
  21. Speakers and persons assisting or accompanying speakers are not permitted to approach or harass members of the public at any time. Interaction between members of the public and speakers or persons assisting or accompanying speakers is only permitted as long as the member of public is participating in the speaking event.
  22. Speakers must not obstruct or hinder the passage of pedestrians and vehicles in the market area.
  23. These terms and conditions may be amended by the General Manager or his delegate at any time.


Council Contacts
Salamanca Market (office hours) 6238 2430
Salamanca Market (market days) 0419 482 675