Buskers add to the lively atmosphere and are a much loved feature of our new interim market. As our new market will be smaller, there are some changes we have had to make to where busking can now take place and we are currently unable to allocate busking spaces within the market. 

Additionally, only musicians will be allowed to busk at the market and we will not be allowing circle style acts, such as magicians, acrobats and performances, as these generally encourage static crowds standing close together. 

There will only be two allocated busking spaces available outside the market:

  • Kennedy Lane - amplification is allowed (softly)
  • Wooby’s Lane - amplification is not permitted

Busking boards will be placed in each location so you can book your spot from 8.30 am to 3 pm and busking is for a half hour time slots only. Buskers are not permitted to book consecutive time-slots and need to leave a time-slot between two performances.

A busking licence holder is expected to: 

  • when performing, display a current licence card so that the public can easily view the licence number and expiry date
  • comply with any lawful direction of a police officer, market supervisor or an authorised City officer and recognise that any decision of the market supervisor is final
  • only perform within the hours of 8.30 am to 3 pm and not play pre-recorded music when not performing
  • not obstruct or create a nuisance for any stallholder or member of the public, and not wear or display any advertising
  • only sell recordings of their own musical repertoire.

Buskers are asked to be supportive of each other and be fair and reasonable.

Please note that we will not be issuing new busking permits from the market and only those with existing permits, including those that have expired, are permitted to perform.