Getting to the market

On Saturdays, Salamanca Place, between Montpelier Retreat and the Silo's, is closed to vehicles from 5.00 am to 5.30 pm.

There is some vehicle parking available on Salamanca Place between Montpelier Retreat and Davey Street. Normal parking conditions and fees apply.

Nearby hotels

Salamanca Market is located in close proximity and is a convenient walking distance from more than 20 hotels supplying over 1500 rooms. The Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre can assist with hotel and tour bookings and provide local information to help make your stay memorable.


The city is connected via the intercity cycleway and the market has three convenient bike racks.


The city bus mall is located at 22 Elizabeth Street and is only a short seven minute walk to the market.

Motor Homes

Smaller motor homes may fit in the privately-owned car park off Montperlier Retreat. However it may be better to use the large car park at 41 Evans Street, and walk along the waterfront to the market. The walk is on a flat surface and takes about 7 minutes.


Uber now services a wide area of southern Tasmania. Download the app and ask for a fare estimate.


A number of taxi companies are available for Hobart and surrounds.

Car parks

Visitors are also encouraged to use the multiple car parks within the Hobart city centre. A map of Hobart's car parks can be found here.