Community Cook Up


A community collaboration

The Community Cook Up was first discussed as a way of paying tribute to the history and culture of our Hmong growers and to support them and their families in response to the effects of COVID-19. Many of these growers make their livelihood from the market and it would be true to say that the many of the products sold have been grown and picked especially for the market and our locals.

The cook up will showcase several recipes that have been developed by our Hmong community and Megan Quill from the Migrant Resource Centre Kitchen. These recipes will feature the fresh produce you can find at the market each Saturday and the food be available for you to sample on the day.

The recipes are wholesome and fresh and this is an educational experience - you can chat to the cooks and learn about the recipes, talk to the growers and learn about their farms and culture, and it will also be a wonderful way to learn how you can incorporate fresh seasonal produce into your kitchen.

Not only will you be inspired by the taste of some of these recipes, there will be recipe cards for people to take away and you can purchase the produce straight from the grower so you can cook at home.

The Community Cook Up is a collaboration between Salamanca Market, Eat Well Tasmania, The Migrant Resource Centre Kitchen and the Hmong community growers who can be found each Saturday in the fresh produce section of Salamanca Market on Gladstone Street.

Event details

When - Saturday 20 November and 4 December 2021, 9 am - 12 pm
Where - Gladstone Street, Salamanca Market

Our Hmong Growers

Every Saturday you will find the freshest produce at Salamanca Market in the fresh produce section on Gladstone Street. Whether you are looking for specialist herbs or pantry stables, this is the perfect one stop home grown spot to find all of the fresh produce you need for the week ahead. 

Dee-Thao-from-Lia-Farming-Produces-A.jpg  Emily-from-Yangs-4-Season.jpg  Nhia-Yang.jpg    Xai-Xiong-from-Xais-Fresh-Vegetables.jpg

From left to right: Dee Thao from Lia Farming Produce, Emily from Yang's 4 Season, Nhia Yang and Xai Xiong from Xai's Fresh Vegetables. These are just a few of the growers you will find at Salamanca Market.

The importance of buying fresh, local food

Produce markets play an important role in ensuring Tasmanians have access to fresh, local food. Buying seasonal Tasmanian produce connects Tasmanian consumers with those who live in their communities and grow their food. 

'Cooking with local seasonal produce means eating food its freshest and most nutrient-dense, not to mention most flavourful', says Eat Well Tasmania State Manager Carl Saunder. 

'Hearty, vibrant summer greens are flooding into Salamanca Market right now—when you focus on local food you discover that the options for cooking with seasonal fruit and veg are limitless. When we place local, seasonal food first we are choosing to support a strong and resilient local food system.'

Eat Well Tasmania sees the Community Cook-up as an ongoing opportunity to remind people about the abundance of Tasmanian produce available all year round.

'We encourage Tasmanians to enjoy an exciting variety of foods at markets and at home by looking for What's In Season'.

'Tasmanians are rightly proud of the huge variety of seasonal food produced in Tasmania – food that is available across the year. Eating seasonally also means eating well, which improves the wellbeing of the Tasmanian community and workforce', says Carl.