Tasmanian Tonic Company


Tasmania has developed a reputation for fine gins and the tonic syrups from the Tasmanian Tonic Company complement that experience and provide a range of uniquely Tasmanian flavours to create a perfect gin and tonic.

Tasmanian Tonic Company hand-makes in small batches and is a family run business in Hobart. Each tonic syrup has been meticulously designed to match different styles of Tasmanian gins and uses Tasmanian ingredients.

Available in four flavours:

  • Leatherwood Honey Tonic Syrup: Tasmanian honey combines with the mild bitterness of quinine and a lowered sugar content to provide flavour without overpowering sweetness. It will not overwhelm delicate spirits, but holds its own in the face of strong botanicals.

  • Pepper Berry Tonic Syrup: Quinine at the first taste slides gracefully into a distinct yet subtle bite of Tasmanian Pepper Berry at the finish. Lime and lemon complete a fine balance to match with any gin or a fascinating addition to cocktails.

  • Mediterranean Tonic Syrup: For spirits with their own complexity of flavours, this syrup lowers the sugar whilst maintaining the quinine to enhance without overwhelming.

  • Bushfire Tonic Syrup: Eucalyptus (Bluegum) and smoke (Sugargum) flavours reminiscent of campfires in the Tasmanian bush combine perfectly with distinctive gin (and even whiskey) to provide the true taste of the island state.

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Location: Site 284
Dates: 15 and 22 June 2019
Website: www.tasmaniantoniccompany.com.au/