Site 208/184

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SITE 208/184
Price: $65 000
Contact: Felicia Mathers, 6265 7517 (Colin),

Salamanca Market site for sale, licensed for woodwork.  Summer site 208 is located in a prime, central position opposite Kennedy Lane and winter site 184 is located under the trees.

The stall is 5m x 5m and has three open selling sides.  The winter site 184 is 4m x 4m.

Summer trading period consists of 32 weeks and winter 20 weeks.

Genuine enquiries only please.

If the prospective buyer chooses to change the product line, they will need to have their product line pre-approved by Salamanca Market administration. Further information on becoming a Salamanca Market Stallholder and the applicable application form for pre-approval can be found here.