What type of products?

The below list provides some ideas on products that we are looking to add into our product mix. It is important that our market showcases a good variety of products and has plenty of interesting products for people to find.

The list below provides some guidance of what we are currently looking for, but is not exhaustive by any means. If your products do not fit into any of these categories, please have a chat to us.

Please note that we are not accepting any further applications for distilled alcohol as we currently have a good range of Tasmanian distilleries within the market.

Produce Other Services
Dairy products including eggs, cheese, milk and butters Organic cleaning products and cloths Shoemaking and shoe repairs
Fresh meats and fish Children’s toys Clothing alterations
Cured meats Indigenous art, craft, design and culture Health and nutrition including supplements, vitamins and education
Fresh pasta Indigenous art, craft, design and culture Hairdressing service
King Island produce Sportswear and fitness
Indigenous food Outdoor/hiking wear
All year round fresh produce (possibly speciality) Bolts of fabric
Dry goods such as legumes and flour Old maps and heritage
Mushrooms Musical instruments
Raclette Comics and memorabilia
Spices Coins and stamps
DIY craft supplies