Compostable packaging

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Salamanca Market is transitioning to compostable carry-bags and packaging

Why the change?

Salamanca Market is the last council-run event to phase out plastic and non-compostable packaging. As part of the City of Hobart’s Zero waste to landfill by 2030 strategy, council-run events have been phasing out the use of non compostable packaging and food containers. For example, the Taste of Tasmania transitioned to compostables a number of years ago.

Following endorsement from the Salamanca Market Stallholders Association, communications to all stallholders commenced in December 2018 advising stallholders of the requirement to no longer use non compostable carry bags, straws and takeaway food packaging by 1 June 2019.

A soon to be introduced City of Hobart By-law also means that in 2020 all businesses in the City of Hobart will be required to use compostable packaging for take-away food consumed off-site. The council is working hard towards reducing and eventually eliminating non compostable materials from landfill to help reduce the environmental damage that these materials are creating in our ecosystems.

To learn more about the Single-Use Plastics By-Law, go to the City of Hobart website.

What can be used?

Market stallholders can choose to replace their non compostables with the following:

  • Any certified compostable bags or takeaway food packaging with certifications ASTM D6400 (US), EN13432 (EU) or Australian Standard AS4736 

  • Any paper bags that are 100% recyclable.

What about bubble wrap?

For the time being bubble wrap is exempt from the change-over and stallholders can keep using it. The market administration team is looking into suitable alternatives.

Sourcing a supplier

Click on the link for a selection of supplier brochures. This represents only a sample of suppliers and stallholders are welcome to source their required items from suppliers of their choice. 

Stallholders who need to change are themselves responsible for sourcing, selecting and paying for their own new packaging. We would encourage stallholders to ask their current supplier if they can provide the items that are needed and which meet the required standards.

Having difficulties?

Stallholders having difficulties sourcing products or meeting the change-over deadline are asked to make an appointment as soon as possible with the market admin team.  Please email to make an appointment on - the team is here to help. 

What happens to the plastic items that stallholders have handed back?

All the plastics collected from stallholders through the 'Swap 'n' Go' initiative are being turned into a park bench that will be placed near the market.  We thank the many stallholders who have contributed to the Swap ‘n’ Go program or donated their excess bags.