Carl Sykes - Blueberry


The team at Dromana Blueberries is dedicated to making a difference.

By taking blueberries and combining these with blueberry, spearmint and raspberry leaves and cinnamon, they have developed a blueberry blend tea which is a potent nutraceutical. Blueberry Boost Tea is a dried leaf tea rather than a green tea. Dried blueberries make up 42% of the tea by weight. Fresh blueberries are dried back in the ratio of seven to one and it takes three kilos of fresh blueberries to make one kilo of tea. This means that every cup of tea (full teaspoon: 2 grams: teabag per cup) contains the equivalent of 6 grams of fresh blueberries as a dried concentrate. The result is a product that interacts with and enhances a person's vitality and with vitality optimised, a person is in the best position possible to deal with whatever life throws at them.

Benefits include improved quality of sleep, easing the symptoms of menopause, helping with psoriasis and lowering cholesterol levels. The Menzies Research Institute is conducting a trial to find out if the tea could reduce diabetics' reliance on insulin after anecdotal reports of people who had at least two cups of the blueberry tea a day having more stable blood sugar.

To find out more about this healthful product and how it could work for you, please visit the stall.

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