Ferniehurst Tasmania


The Marshall family are very proud of ‘Ferniehurst’, our own boutique farm, in a time when more and more family farms are being swallowed up by corporate business. Some twenty years ago they discovered that our pristine land and climate conditions were perfect for growing cherries.

Ferniehurst are now well recognised locally and interstate for their wildly sweet and luscious fruit. You can find their cherries at Salamanca Market during the summer months and pride themselves on having fresh cherries straight from the tree, picked on Thursdays and Fridays and ready to eat on Saturday.

No seconds, thirds, rejects, no handling or sorting; just fresh, real fruit. Due to the unique location their cherries are crisp and clean and can be eaten straight from the tree without having to be washed!

Casual Stallholder

Phone: 0418 104 285
Facebook: @Ferniehurst-Cherries
Instagram: #Ferniehurstcherries