MIAM French Crepes

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MIAM offers a range of sweet and savoury crêpes (called galettes in France) that are true to the French tradition as well as gluten free. MIAM savoury crepes come with fillings such as egg, ham and cheese, spinach, feta and pesto, and sweet crêpes are filled with homemade raspberry jam, homemade lemon curd, maple syrup, rhubarb and jam, Nutella and the very popular salted caramel - so popular, it is sold by the jar.

After visiting Tasmania as a finalist for Tourism Australia's 'best jobs in the world' competition, the owners of MIAM French Crepes fell in love with this beautiful country and wanted to bring this French tradition to Australia. They returned to France and were trained at L’école Des Maîtres Crêpiers (School of Crêpes masters) in Brittany, a region in the west of France where the tradition of crêpes come from.

MIAM, it means 'yummy' in French.

Stall site number: 311
Phone: 0455 583 445
Email: miamfrenchcrepes@gmail.com
Web: miamfrenchcrepes.com
Facebook: @miamfrenchcrepes