Silver Hill Bratwurst


Silver Hill Bratwurst has been serving German type Bratwurst (which means fried sausage) to the public since 1994. They produce four types of sausages: garlic and herb based pork Bratwurst, mild Bavarian type Weisswurst, mild spicy beef Bratwurst and pork Currywurst.

All sausages are gluten free and contain no chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours. They serve sausages in four types of bread rolls: crusty continental, wholemeal, soft dinner and gluten free. The sausage rolls are served with sauerkraut and/or fried onion and have a free choice of 8 different sauces and mustards.

Silver Hill Bratwurst has won numerous awards and was a Tasmanian finalist in the Telstra Small Business Awards four times in a row. The stall is situated in the middle row between the Supreme Court building and the Parliament lawns.


Stall site number: 52
Phone: 0408 314 101