Fudge A'Fare


The Fudge A'Fare is a boutique, family business from the heart of Tasmania which produces the most delicious, OMG chocolate fudge and, under the "I love chocolate" brand, awesome flavoured chocolate blocks you’ll find anywhere. The head pastry chef, business owner and mother of two, Dannielle, has 25 years' experience in hospitality. She has honed her craft in several high-end establishments, both here and overseas.

What she has learnt from some amazing mentors and world class colleagues has been put into practice at the Fudge A'Fare. Their products are made by hand, from scratch, in small batches, using only the finest ingredients, nothing artificial - ever! From their unique leatherwood honey and white chocolate fudge to their delightfully unusual chilli and lime dark chocolate blocks, they are committed to developing contemporary flavours as well as the "old favourites".

They have created an incredible range of flavours and packaging that has something for every taste and every occasion. Using traditional and modern methods of cooking and tempering, their chocolate and fudge, with its beautiful detailed and feathered decorations, has been winning gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as champion ribbons, at the Fine Food Awards for the last 10 years! At the Fudge A'Fare they love all things chocolate, so for them it's great to see so many amazing chocolate producers in Tasmania now. They have everything there - great fruit and nuts, a great dairy and a cool climate, all perfect for making chocolate products.

Just quietly, it's becoming a bit of a chocoholic destination!

Stall site number: 104
Phone: 6273 0531
Email: thefudge@bigpond.net.au
Website: thefudgeafare.com.au
Facebook: @thefudgeafare
Instagram: #the_fudge_afare