Salamanca Uggs


Salamanca UGGs is owned and operated by Christine and Brett Kinnear. 

They offer a wide range of footwear including men's, ladies' and kids' boots, slippers, moccasins and baby booties in a range of colours, styles and sizes. They have an UGG boot to suit everyone, and also have replacement inner soles, Cossack hats, luxurious Jumbo long wool floor rugs and baby play rugs.

Their UGG Boots are handcrafted in Australia by Merino Craft, one of Australia's best UGG boot manufacturers, with high quality A-grade premium Australian merino sheepskin. Their product range is made with 100% Australian sheepskins that have been tanned with low impact to the environment, using environmentally friendly tanning agents and methods.

The boots are 100% pure sheepskin inside and out. Wool is a natural insulator so their sheepskin UGG boots feel warm in winter, cool in summer and are like heaven on your feet. The natural sheepskin absorbs moisture and lets your feet breathe while keeping them dry and cosy. With over 3000 fibres per square inch, each wool fibre acts like a mini shock absorber. Sheepskin is gentle on your skin because it contains lanolin, a basic substance similar to that found in human skin. Sheepskin is naturally water resistant and therefore small amounts of moisture will not seep through or damage your UGG boots or slippers. 

Salamanca UGGs are not affiliated in any way with the American company Deckers Outdoor Corporation and their "Ugg Australia" brand.

Stall site number: 206
Phone: 0419 858 233
Facebook: @salamancauggs