Malcolm Nash Woodcraft


Malcolm Nash Woodcraft specialises in unique band-sawn boxes and wooden bead jewellery made from the offcuts of their boxes. It is important for them to use the waste materials as much as possible to fully utilise a rare and diminishing resource.

They have spent many years salvaging leftover timbers from clear felled coupes and have an extensive supply of all the major and some rarer species.

They supply several high end galleries around in Tasmania including Aspect Design, Wilderness woodworks, Tahune Air walk in Tasmania and outlets, Margaret River in W.A.,  Alice Springs, and Monteville in Qld.

The best range and by far the best prices are at their Salamanca Market stall where they have proudly displayed their wares for 30+ years.


Please stop in and say hello, it is what makes the Market such a special experience for customers. Salamanca is one of the few places left where you can access the producer and buy at their prices.

Stall site number: 217
Phone: 6266 3311