Calling all Toms!


If your name is Tom and you visit our market this Saturday 17 October, we’ll give you a free jar of Tassie Tom.

Select from either Tassie Tom smoked almond butter or organic peanut butter. Offer available only while stocks last.

Our thanks to ‘Tom’ who runs Tassie Tom which is an artisan range of nuts, butters, walnut oils and chocolates. Their full range can be found on their website

Why do Toms get all the butter?

This weekend we are celebrating all Tom’s as we think they are pretty special.

Tasmania’s own market is also known fondly as ‘Tom’ by our Salamanca Market team. It’s our ‘market away from our market’ while current restrictions are in place around COVID-19. Our plans are to bring back the full Salamanca Market as soon as restrictions ease.

Warning: This promotion may contain nuts.

How to get the butter

  • If your name is Tom show your ID at the main entrance near Montpelier Retreat.
  • To be eligible Tom must be a first name and not a middle name or surname.
  • Variations in spelling Tom that are acceptable are Thomas, Tommy or Tomas.
  • Names that start with the prefix Tom are also acceptable, such as such as Tomiko or Tomiah.
  • Names that do not start with the word Tom, but contain the letters ‘t’, ‘o’ and ‘m’ in them are not acceptable.
  • Other variations in spelling will be at the discretion of the event organisers on the day.

Terms and conditions apply.(PDF, 137KB)



  • Saturday, 17 October 2020 | 08:30 AM - 01:30 PM
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