Taylor & Smith Distilling Co



Distillery  Taylor & Smith Distilling Co
Location  3 Pearl Street, Moonah, Tasmania
Owner Natalie Smith & Ben Taylor
Head Distiller Natalie Smith & Ben Taylor
Website www.taylorandsmith.com.au
Facebook Taylor and Smith Distilling Co
Instagram @taylorandsmithdistillingco 


Find Taylor & Smith Distilling Co at site 42 at Salamanca Market each Saturday. This stall is located near the Supreme Law Court of Tasmania.

About the distillery

We are an artisan distillery only a few minutes from the Hobart city centre. We make small batch spirits on equipment we have built ourselves. We started Taylor and Smith on 1 January 2017, and launched our first product, Taylor and Smith Gin, in December 2018 via a very successful Pozible campaign. The gin is made from 17 botanicals on a mostly apple base. We buy apples from the Huon Valley, they press them and we ferment and distil them. The botanicals in our gin include Kunzea, Tasmanian Kombu, Pink Peppercorn, Leatherwood honey from our beehives and blood orange. 

We then launched our Dry Gin, which won the Best Small Batch Spirit at the 2020 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards. The Dry Gin is a savoury gin using fresh sage, Huon Pine needles, abalone shell and red grapefruit. Perfect in a Martini and gorgeous in a G&T.

We released our first Single Malt Whisky in November 2020.  We buy Tasmanian barley grown in the north of the state, we mill it, then mash, ferment and double distil, all onsite at our distillery. We do the whole process ourselves. We have a gas-fired still, which enables us to carefully control the temperature and use higher and lower heats at different times in the process to produce whisky that is delicate and smooth.  

What is it like to run a whisky distillery?

I have to admit that it is a lot of hard work! We work long hours to keep everything going, but we love it! We are really proud to produce something ourselves, that brings people together and that they enjoy. 

The good parts are seeing the husk blowing in the wind when milling the barley, running it through your fingers, the smell of the barley when the hot water is added, seeing the yeasty mash swirl in the fermenter as it warms and then seeing the first drops of spirit emerge from the still. Filling a barrel and knowing it will sit for the next 2-5 years, and then when it is finally ready, lifting it up and pouring it out. That taste of whisky straight from the barrel…  with caramel and toffee, chocolate-dipped candied orange peel – it really makes the whole thing feel pretty amazing!

What makes your whisky so special?

Our whisky is special because it is all done by us – milling the grain, mashing, fermenting and distilling. Ben and I are hands on for the whole process and there are no automated systems. 

What whisky do you make?

We make Single Malt Whisky using Tasmanian barley, sunshine and Tasmanian water. We age our spirit in a range of barrels from port, sherry and bourbon barrels to pinot, chardonnay, pedro xemenez and more. Every barrel is a little bit different. 

Why do you like about having a stall at Salamanca Market?

Salamanca Market is awesome. Meeting so many different people. Everyone is in a good mood – Salamanca just does that to people. 

We think of Salamanca Market and Farm Gate Market as our cellar door. We do discounts on our products, tastings and love to chat to people about what we do. 

What is your market best seller?

Everyone loves our gin, but our single malt is now getting noticed. People often say to us that it’s really smooth, that’s it's delicious.