Best places to park

There are lots of parking options available to people and we have explored a few for you below. If you are looking for an economical option then consider parking in one of the all day car parks. That way you can spend as long as you like enjoying the market and waterfront area without having to hurry back to feed a parking meter.

Trafalgar Place car park: This is a multi-story car park that is located on Macquarie Street, opposite Franklin Square. It is open from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm and is a five minute walk to Salamanca Market. The cost is only $6 for the whole day on Saturday.

Evans Street car park: This is an open air car park that is located around 7 minutes walk from the market. The cost is around $7 for the day on Saturdays but may vary, depending on how long you intend to stay.

Parking on the street: parking is available on streets in and around the Hobart city centre and along the waterfront, and is usually limited to less than three hours at most locations. 

City centre car parks: park in either the Argyle Street, Centrepoint or Hobart Central car parks in the Hobart city centre and walk to the market.

Dunn Place car park: provides voucher parking and is approximately a ten minute walk to Salamanca Market. 

IMAS parking: Located off Castray Esplanade. Provides voucher parking for up to two hours and is approximately a one minute walk to Salamanca Market. 

Salamanca Square car park: is located next to Salamanca Market with entry from Montpelier Retreat and is a two minute walk to Salamanca Market.

Montpelier Retreat private car park: located on Montpelier Retreat next to Salamanca Market and is a three minute walk to Salamanca Market. Parking is available between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm on Saturday. 

Caravans and campervans: caravans and campervans are not able to be parked in city centre car parks, however, parking is available at the Hobart Regatta Grounds, which is approximately a 20 minute walk to Salamanca Market. Additionally there is a large car park at Evans Street which is approximately seven minutes walk along the waterfront on a flat surface. There are also very limited parks at the CSIRO at Castray Esplanade, which is a five minute walk to Salamanca Market.

Accessible parking

An accessible parking drop off / pick up point is located close to the market on Castray Esplanade. Once on site, if you require further assistance please speak to our friendly staff at the Salamanca Market information booth.