Look out for the next participant in the Innovator program at Salamanca Market - Whimsyland.

Whimsyland makes a range of fairy inspired décor that can help to create magical gardens and hidden spaces. Lauren makes all of the items from her home in Margate using polymer clay as the main medium and seeks to help create special places in nature and develop imaginations.

Her range of products include tiny fairy doors, windows, mushrooms and figurines. These decorative items can be used in all sorts of spaces, from woodland areas at the bottom of gardens to household pots inside the house.

The Innovator program is an opportunity for new businesses to trial their product or service in a real-world trading environment.

Location: Site 182 and then Site 182
Dates: 30 March and 6 April 2019
Website: https://www.whimsyland.com.au/