Spring. It's a beautiful thing...

September 2019 - Edition 10


Know how to make your cut flowers last? John Short has all the answers, and it’s easier than you think.  Fresh, seasonal flowers are such a beautiful thing to have in any home or office and Southern Flowers has all that and much more.

With a background in forestry, flower growing was an easy segue. John’s been growing fresh flowers at Gardner’s Bay for 22 years, so he knows a thing or two about his passion. And why did he choose Salamanca Market to showcase his exquisite, fragrant produce?

'Well, up until 2008 we had 3 shops in Hobart and we moved into doing farmers’ markets in Bellerive, Launceston and Hobart. Because we have a strong sustainable ethic and we sell what we grow, it suited us to be with like-minded people. The motivation for moving to Salamanca Market came through watching it prove to be an authentic producer/consumer interaction. That really impressed me.'

'We loved the application process that the council put us through. The process required pages of information, justification for why we should be there and included face-to-face meetings so that we fit because we should be there, and it gave us a passage way to move right into that authentic producer experience.

'We focus on being fresh and seasonal, growing 100 different types of flowers over 20 acres of production ground.'

'We use the natural environment that we’re given to spread the flowering time of crops. It’s all about creating the best possible environment and being smart with our ecosystem usage. And we also help other growers by buying from them what we can’t produce ourselves and selling those fresh local flowers for them. It’s win/win.'

'We went to a cut-flower conference on integrated pest management – the whole management of crop - and that resonated with us. We knew it was the right way to go. With our roses we’ve not used a chemical in 8 years and grow a chemical-free product, which increases the vase life.'

'And how do we keep our flowers fresh? The real secret is to cut the stems every day or two and change the water every time. It stops material rotting. We have flowers that last 3 – 4 weeks and with a little bit of maintenance, they’ll last and last. It took us 12 – 18 months to educate people about our roses. They’re fresh picked and should last about 12 – 14 days.'

'When you visit, look at our range of flowers. You know they’re fresh because they’re in season and we use eco-oil on the leaves, so the plants are really healthy, and chemical free.'

'For flowers that really last lilies are a good choice. They make the perfect bouquet and will last for a couple of weeks at least.'

Find Southern Flowers at stall 125 – 126 and ask for John.

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