Salamanca Market bunny trail

16 April 2019

Peter Cottontail has chocolate on his whiskers and treat crumbs on his paws. 

Hey! There he goes! That wascally wabbit has left a trail, so to really make it a memorable Easter, follow our Easter Bunny trail to treat heaven at Salamanca Market.


Gather the children or find the child in you and hop to it. There’s some delicious, mouth-watering Easter treats our clever stallholders have made just for you and your loved ones.  Collect your Salamanca Market bunny trail map at the information booth on Castray Esplanade, head towards the silos, and pretty soon you’ll find the burrow of...

Salamanca Whisky Bar

Those clever whisky brewers have had the Easter Bunny working overtime, creating sublime Whisky chocolates just for you. Along with their incredible whisky-infused chocolate packs, you might be tempted to try a free tasting of award-winning whisky, such a great start to the day! Just remember it’s a tasting – we’ve got a big trail with lots of treats ahead. 
Find them at SITE 246, on the Salamanca Lawn side, heading toward the silos.


Hellfire Bluff Distillery

This one is definitely for the grown-ups, with premium Gin, and liqueurs on hand to taste and marvel at. Try their special Easter cocktail - it’s a secret our Easter Bunny made a special detour for! Then there’s Limoncello with organically sourced, hand-peeled lemons soaked in alcohol for three months. It’s a big process, but Ruby is passionate about keeping the product as natural as possible. If you do buy some to go, she suggests that you drink it on ice or as a champagne spritzer, and if you’ve been there, memories of Italy are tipped to pop back in your head. 
Find them at SITE 276 in the centre isle heading toward the silos end of the market.

Summer Kitchen Organic Bakery

The special Easter Hot Cross Buns at Summer Kitchen are so good they sell out early, so don’t miss out. They’re made with honey and are full of certified organic fruit. And there are pastries with local fruit, custard tarts, carrot cake, family-sized vegetarian pies, and lots of sour dough bread. So stock up and make this Easter feast special. 
Find them at SITE 263, right at the end near the silos.

Ellys Gourmet Confectionary

Sample all manner of wonderful sweet treats they’ve got special gift deals that are hard to go past. There’s the Baby Bunny pack with salted caramel bang, smoky maple POP, and Lemon Ice and Cherry, Almond and Coconut Ice at $22 (normally $26). Or try their Big Bunny Hamper, which includes the big salted caramel bang, big smokey maple POP, Lemon Ice, Cherry Almond and Coconut Ice, and REAL toffee fudge. Easter bunny special $42, (normally $46).  The gift box, which has salted caramel bang and salted caramel POP and is normally $12.50 is down to a small price of $10.50. Yes, that wabbit has been doing deals just for you! And there’ll be small and large hampers with Easter ribbon so you can gift away.  
Find them at SITE 285, in the middle isle, near Salamanca Gallery.

Cygnet Woodfired Bakehouse

Made with love and care in-house are the hot cross buns. So get in fast – these babies are made by hand with organic fruit, currants and raisins (no peel), glazed with a fruit reduction and wood-fired. But why stop there? They’ve got sour dough breads, puff pastry galettes, Danish chocolate and almond croissants and Viennese pastries, muffins, chocolate brownies, custard tarts, and an Italian-style ciabatta loaf to tear and share with Easter friends. Ohh… so good.  
Find them at SITE 221, near Salamanca Fresh.

Bury Me Standing

Because hot cross bagels just have to be seen (and tasted) to be believed. So fresh they’ll hop into your basket when you’re not looking! Try one warmed up and ready to eat! And of course there’s all the delicious treats that make us love Bury Me Standing, so don’t stop at the hot cross bagels, it’s Easter, after all.
Find them at SITE 62, at the top of Davey Street.

The House of Fudge

What’s not to love? With unlimited free tastings of 12 flavours, this fudge-devoted family has red-hot Easter specials: their macadamia, chilli chocolate, coconut, Tassie Devil and roasted coffee fudge at $5 a bar instead of $8. The roasted coffee fudge won a gold medal at the Australian food awards – our Easter Bunny highly recommends it.  Then there’s salted caramel and choc/raspberry just to make you spoilt for choice. Everything’s gluten-free and hand-made down at Port Arthur.
Find them at SITE 75, near Parliament Square.    

Fudge A'Fare

They put the Easter Bunny to work by packing their award-winning goodies into gift boxes and baskets with fudge, chocolate, ribbon and gift tags. Then he had to taste everything of course! And you can too. You can create gifts with pieces of fudge in boxes - pick your own flavours to make up a box of six and there’s also an assorted box with ‘medicinal fudge’ - a little assortment with four different flavours ‘in case of emergencies’. I think our wabbit felt this was the least they could do. Try these: jellied raspberry and dark chocolate, or crushed Tassie hazelnuts in a milk chocolate base – roll over Ferrero Rocher! Or pecan and butterscotch fudge in a white chocolate base. All gluten-free, hand-made products. 
Find them at SITE 104, near Parliament Lawns.

Federation Artisan Chocolate

He was glad he’d saved some room because, with plenty of tastings and a big range of chocolate Easter eggs, he felt right at home! There’s white, milk, dark, vegan, some filled with caramel, raspberry cream, rocky road or honeycomb. Because the grown-ups love treats as much as children, they’ve got an adult’s only Easter bun egg – chocolate egg with rum and brandy-soaked fruit inside. Owners Helen and Maurice buy in their cocoa beans and make their chocolate from scratch, but they also do sugar eggs, hand-painted and hand-made. And they’ve got big, small and tiny eggs, all packaged ready just for you. 
Find them at SITE 106, near Parliament Lawns.

Venus Confectionery

Venus has the most delicious home-made marshmallow Easter Bunny and they’ve got a big bunny and baby in different flavours – vanilla, strawberry and toasted coconut marshmallow. When Peter wanted something for his family at home, they brought out their bunny families! They’ve got chocolate-covered vanilla marshmallow in bunny shapes and Easter egg shapes and of course these and their Rocky Road with white, dark and milk chocolate are all for tasting too. Some treats are gluten and dairy-free, especially the Venus decorated candy eggs. For the little ones? There’s a range of mini chocolate eggs, bunny biscuits, and gingerbread bilbies.
Find them at SITE 119, near the Abel Tasman Monument

After all that, our Salamanca Market wascally wabbit headed home with a basket of wonderful goodies for a very special Easter party.

We hope you do too! And have as much fun tasting and choosing all your special gifts as Peter did. From us all at the market, Happy Easter, and if you’re on our bunny trail, just know you’ve got all the shopping and goodies well in hand.

Download a printable version of the bunny trail here.(PDF, 3MB)

Easter Treats? Sorted! Happy Easter Everyone!