Resistance is futile

October 2019 - Edition 11

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If you think that what happens at Salamanca Market every Saturday is just a small parochial event once a week, think again. Our influence spreads far and wide in the most surprising ways, and Holly Farley who runs her HiiRagi Army stall is proof.

Holly says, 'My art finds itself all over the world in the most amazing places. My customers send me photos of them with my toys or clothes in exotic locations and I’ve got a Hashtag called #hiiragiarmyrecruits'.

Brilliant, clever and genuinely quirky, Holly's art spans plush toys, t-shirts, hoodies and ‘paper propaganda products’ - all handcrafted and lovingly made by Holly with wild messages and outrageous slogans that will have you laughing in spite of the political incorrectness of it all. 

And that’s the plan.

What’s her message?

Her diabolical robot army, the HiiRagi Army, is ‘hell bent on world domination and ridding the world of stupid people'.  

And what do you define are stupid people?

Holly laughs, 'Well, it’s an original idea and I guess the answer is pretty subjective – whatever you want to make of it. It changes with my mood.  I could rant for hours about the world and it has so much inspiration for me. But I guess I grew up watching Japanese cartoons and Manga and developed a love of vintage military (go figure!) and I love antiques. I don’t know why and I choose not to question'.

What drove Holly to craft this crazy army at Salamanca Market?

'Salamanca Market is really good because it allows me to do my art and I don’t know anywhere else in Australia where you can do that full-time.'

'I started out just doing designer markets and they weren’t regular enough, so I took a chance on Salamanca Market as a casual and bought a permanent stall. Now I have (an army of) regular customers who come and visit from all over. Some are weekly, some once a year, some every two or three years.'

'It’s Groundhog Day every Saturday – the day is long but there’s real camaraderie. It’s never, ever dull.'

What drives you nuts about it?

Holly chuckles at that. 'When people ask me what I do during the week! It’s really hard work running an army and trying to take over the world. I need time not just to make everything, but for inspiration to drop as well. It’s a big job. It’s probably 5% ideas and 95% just hard work.'

There’s quite a bit in the pipeline too. Holly is developing a new website that includes a web comic and a manifesto to go with that called, 'HiiRagi’s Guide to Living'. So world domination has begun.

What’s Holly’s favourite slogan?

'I guess my current one is a t-shirt I saw recently that says "Don’t grow up. It’s a trap". But I’ve got some exciting new designs coming out, so you’ll have to come and see for yourself. I love my customers, they just "get it" and know I’m here for them.'

When you come across Holly Farley’s HiiRagi Army stall at Salamanca Market, stop and browse awhile. Because Holly is different. In a very good way. And you just might be tempted to join the HiiRagi Army.

As Holly says, 'Resistance is futile'.

Find Holly and the HiiRagi Army at site 275.

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